South Shoreline

Hingham Town Hall – 1:23 PM

Probably the former town high school. Shares buildings with the senior center, school department, police and light plant.

Hull Municipal Offices – 2:35 PM

Imposing brick building. Most of the white paint trim has peeled off.

Large cupola. The clock hands have fallen off.

Police and fire stations have been grafted on the side and back.

Scituate Town Hall – 5:04 PM

Located out on RT-3A, not in any of the Scituate villages.

Looks like a 60’s era elementary school. In fairly good condition, but has a look of abandonment. I’ve yet to see before. The offices look empty through their windows. Every air conditioner is sagging below a window. A pine tree has grown up so far that its completely blocking the sign on the side of the building.

Norwell Town Offices – 5:34 PM

Large former school building.

Three floors of classrooms.

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