Lynnfield Town Hall – 1:29PM
The town hall and police station are in attached buildings. Each has its own cupola, the town hall one is much larger, but the police version has all the gold leaf!

Colonial era triangular town common.

Danvers Town Hall – 2:20 PM
A week earlier, the building was closed for a yearlong renovation. Its almost entirely covered in Tyvek.

The neighborhood has many stately pre-civil war homes. Noticed an abandoned RR ROW one block from the building.

Topsfield Town Hall – 2:55 PM
The intersection of 5 roads creates 3 interlocking town commons. Every nearby building is at least 100 years old.

Town hall has an elaborate roof line, capped by the slate and gold trimmed cupola and a roster weathervane.

Bronze Civil war statue is imposing. Artist was ‘Theo Ruggles’.

Boxford Town Hall – 4:05 PM
Some towns just don’t want you to find their town hall. I’m on my second trip to Boxford and I’m still lost. No signs at the town center to direct you in any particular direction. Stop at Nunax Florists for directions. The on-site store Henborgs Ice Cream doesn’t know (They’re from Salisbury). But the manager goes off and asks around, comes back with a new set of instructions. They were completely wrong, but the strawberry sundae was good!

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