Lincoln Town Hall – 11:20 AM The original town hall is across the street, a perfect Greek revival. Had to ask at the fire station for directions to the town hall.

Weston Town Hall – 12:25 PM Built 1917. On a hill, with a large (4 Acres?) town common sloping up to the hall.

Westwood Town Hall – 12:56 PM

Walpole Town Hall – 2:00 PM
Can’t find the hall, so I stop at the police department which is in the original town hall. The dispatcher tells me the Stone Elementary School had closed and the town hall was moved to the school years ago. I was a first grader in that school and had never noticed what an odd building it was. A fairly traditional 2 story brick building, probably built in the mid-50’s. What’s odd is that where you would expect conventional windows in the classrooms, there are small clear windows at the bottom, and then 6′ tall glass blocks all the way to the ceiling. I had never noticed them when I was a kid. Good thing the school was closed in the summer, it would have been an oven. Now that the classrooms have been rebuilt as offices and used year-round, many of the panels have air conditioners punched through the glass blocks.
The whole place seems too big for the town staff.
The original school yard playground is still behind the school.
There is a small fountain with a lion head spout in front of the building. It looks like its been disconnected for decades.

Norwood Town Hall – 3:00 PM
Built in 1928.
Looks like an English cathedral. All stone construction. Slate roof. Huge tower on top.

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