End of the Berkshires – I

Hawley Town Office – 2:10 PM

  • Small building on a dead-end road. Great view to the north, across the valley. Used to be the town’s one-room school-house.. A lady and her 2 girls are shucking peas in the shade of the building.

Savoy Town Hall – 2:50 PM

  • Another school-house. Police car in the front, with the officer watching all the traffic going from a nearby detour.

Windsor Town Office – 3:15 PM

  • Small white clapboard town hall and library. Friendly labrador retriever barking across the road in front of the general store.

Commington Community House – 4:00 PM

  • Two story brick Georgian reproduction, built-in 1923. Slate roof. The Main Street is off of RT-9 and quiet.

Goshen Town Offices – 4:20 PM

  • unusually tall cupola.
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Pioneer Valley

Deerfield Municipal Offices – 3:30 PM

  • The town hall and police department are sharing the same building, which looks like it was a fairly new school.
  • The small town park gets points for a working fountain.

Whatley Town Hall – 4:00 PM

  • Very old building in very poor condition. Lots of peeling paint.
  • Town claims to have one of the prettiest main streets and I have to agree with them.
  • Well hidden behind the town hall is an amazing view of the Connecticut river valley.

Hatfield Town Office – 4:30 PM

  • Two story brick building from 1930.
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The South-East is done

Mattapoisett Town Hall – 11:30 AM

  • Built in 1898, well worn sun bleached shingles. Has 3 porthole sized windows with a Cape themed painting in each. This is a distinctive town hall.

Marion Town House – 12: 10 PM

  • This unexpectedly imposing 1876¬† building may have the most intact detailing of its era. It looks like a long overdue renovation has just started. Even the gazebo trim retains the same style. The only negative is the original entrance is now blocked by shrubs and there are 3 sets of ugly handicapped ramps, when only one seems necessary.

Dennis Town Offices – 3:20 PM

  • I missed this town hall when I did the rest of Cape Cod in 2008.

Halifax Town Hall – 5:28 PM

  • A 1907 Greek revival with huge columns in a 2-level portico. It’s matched by another white annex that runs off at a 90′ angle. Next door is a 1733 Congregational church that’s still active.
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Rochester Town Hall – 6:15 PM

  • Built in 1892 in the Art & Crafts shingle style. Sited on a quiet half-circle shaped town common with 4 buildings facing the common; the current town hall, the old Greek revival town hall, a church and the town library.
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Cranberry Country

Raynham Town Hall – 4:05 PM

  • Former school-house in brick.
  • building and landscaping in excellent condition.

Middleborough Town Hall – 4:45 PM

  • Huge wooden building, sitting in the middle of the “Town Lawn”. The cupola must be 50 feet tall and recently renovated. But the last 9′ have been removed and are sitting on the lawn behind a chain link fence.
  • Looks the 2nd and 3rd floor windows suggest a large meeting room.
  • It’s no optical illusion, the cupola is actually tilting to the southwest.

Carver Town Hall – 5:50 PM

  • A new building, done in a traditional style. The white porticos are a nice touch.
  • The front entrance is protected by some heavy artillery, the cannon of the WWI war memorial.
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Brockton City Hall – 3:19 PM

  • 92′ hot sunny day.
  • Very imposing. First level is granite blocks, sloped, fortress like. Then comes 2 stories of beige brick beige extensive red sandstone decorations. Then the top has both a round, crenulated turret and a tall multi-layered clock tower.
  • The only negative is that the city hall sits isolated in a sea of interlocking hot shade less concrete plazas.

Bridgewater Town Hall – 4:25 PM

  • 1843 Greek revival town hall, that has been just repaired and repainted with CPA money.
  • The town square could use some renovation, but is nice. Lots of trees and interesting monuments.
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Near Quabbin

Pelham Town Office – 2:20 PM

  • Warm, sunny holiday weekend.
  • White clapboard¬† former school. The Town Clerk drives up as I’m finishing up, to work on a Saturday!
  • Taking pictures of the Pelham Town Hall historic district, which is a couple of hundred yards east of the current town hall. The old town hall was built in 1743 and is claimed to be the oldest in the state still used for meetings.

Belchertown Town Hall – 4:08 PM

  • Built 1923 in a kind of municipal Art-Deco style.
  • The windows are being restored, so most of them are temporarily boarded up. Learned all this talking to the teenagers collecting admission for the quilt fair going on in the main hall. Across the street, the 250th Belchertown Community Picnic is being held.
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Memorial Day

Dighton Town Hall – 1:15 PM

  • Hot, humid Memorial Day. The town hall is fairly new brick building, with the landscaping in excellent condition; perfect lawn, shrubs and cut-stone walls.
  • The only activities are trucks arriving with the carnival rides for next weekend’s Cowchip Fest.

Swansea Town Office – 2:00 PM

  • This is a completely unique town hall. Kind of Crafts style meets old Tyrol.
  • A mix of river and cut-stones make up the walls. Brick and red sandstone trim. The entire roof is slate. The turret and clock tower are brick and slate. Thew clock face is peeling wood and one hand is missing. The whole building has small scattered patches of ivy, that may not have been planned. There is an active bee hive inside the barrel of the civil war cannon.

Attleborough City Hall – 3:03 PM

  • Modern brick office building. The glassed in cupola becomes the interior atrium in the lower floors.

Norton Town Hall – 3:41 PM

  • The older part of the town hall has been covered up in yellow stucco. Grafted onto it is the new multicolored brick annex. The annex acts as the bridge to the fire station.
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Berkshires – day 2

Dalton Town Hall – 11:48 PM

  • Massive brick building that has separate entrances for the town hall, library and police station.
  • Red brick with carved red sandstone trim.

Hinsdale Town Hall – 12:00 PM

  • 300th town hall!
  • Shares the 2-story building with the police department. No monuments or plaques near by.

Washington Town Hall – 12:30 PM

  • Looks like this is a 1950’s school.
  • Very complicated instructions taped to the front door, on how to use the building’s alarm system. It’s currently ‘red’.

Becket Town Hall – 1:00 PM

  • Most of the war memorials are in the North Becket village historic district.
  • New 1992 town hall, located in ‘Becket Center’.

Chester Town Hall – 1:45 PM

  • Brick, 2-story.
  • The restored Chester RR station is down the street in the center of town.
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Sandisfield Town Hall Annex – 3:20 PM

  • Looks like a former school. Brick with glass block windows, built in 1949.
  • First time I’ve had to ask for directions in the last 2 years. Got confused because there is the old town hall and the town hall annex. The annex building is the real center of government.

New Marlborough Town Hall – 4:00 PM

  • Got a great tour of the New Marlborough Meeting House. It’s an old church built in 1839 in Greek revival style. It was renovated in 1976 by the village association and hosts many events, movies, lectures and concerts. Standing in the balcony, I was tempted by the perfect acoustics, to start a speech.
  • The town hall is located in a different part of town called Mill Village. It a white clapboard building, with the active offices in the basement and the old meeting room is upstairs, slowly fading from the town’s memory.
  • A nice brook runs past the front door, emerging from a field stone arch, right out from under the foundation.
  • A neighbor has a collection of 3 abandoned Volvo station wagons in his back field, perfectly lined up and guarded by a Carteresque pet rabbit.




Sheffield Town Hall – 5:00 PM

  • Distinctive town hall. 2-story brick from maybe the 1860’s. The top band is wood clapboards with clearstory windows, that probably raise the meeting room ceiling. The window lintels are local marble.
  • Town hall is set back from the main road, close to the active RR tracks.

Egremont Town Offices – 5:40 PM

  • Shares a building with the police department. Two story white clapboard, screened from the street by pine trees.

Allford Town Offices – 6:14 PM

  • One of the quietest town centers in the state. Maybe one car every 5 minutes. The town offices are in an old school-house. Across the road, the old town hall is now the library. Marble foundations are common on all the local buildings, even marble sidewalks!
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