The Islands – 2

Edgartown Town Hall – 10:30 AM

  • Somewhat similar to Tilsbury Town Hall, with the same kind of staircase to the 2nd floor hall. Nice gold gilt ship weathervane on the cupola.

West Tisbury Town Hall – 11:40 AM

  • Unpainted wood shingles, new building in a Victorian style.

Chilmark Town Hall – 12:10 PM

  • Built in 1902, with white clapboards. Two story. Two guys on the roof, replacing the town alarm siren in the cupola.

Aquinnah Town Office – 1:30 PM

  • Sun bleached wood shingles, one story. Police, fire and town office are separate buildings, pulled together by a pergola.

Oak Bluffs Town Office – 3:40 PM

  • Outside of downtown, on a small rise. Both the town hall and the library next door are new and in the same shingle style.
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The Islands – 1

Tilsbury Town Hall – 2:15 PM

  • This is my 2-day trip out to the island, to cover the 6 town halls on Martha’s Vineyard. Sunny warm day, with 30-40 knot winds on the sound. The ferry is only 1/2 full because of the late season.
  • The town hall dates from the 1840’s. Classic Greek revival, with lots of peeling paint. The main hall is on the 2nd floor, with a unique pair of outside staircases running up the hall door. Located on such a narrow street, every photo I take is more up, than across.
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End of the Berkshires – II

Chesterfield Town Office – 11:20 PM

  • Town offices are in the Davenport school, now renamed to the Davenport Office Building. The old town hall is at the top of the hill at the center of town.

Worthington Town Hall – 6:30 PM

  • Long time since I’ve seen a town’s name in gold leaf. Classical style, but a fairly new building in excellent condition.

Peru Town Office – 1:00 PM

  • Combined town offices and community center.

Plainfield Town Hall – 2:40 PM

  • Greek revival style in good condition.

Ashfield Town Hall – 3:00 PM

  • The town hall and fire station are side by side. Looks like a town Oktoberfest is wrapping up on the town common next door. Very ornate cupola.

Conway Town Hall – 3:40 PM

  • Conway is a well hidden town that has some mills and money a 100 years ago. You can see it in all the Greek revival architecture, the town library and the two town halls. One is the brick town hall, still used by the town clerk. The other building is the town office and is just down the street.
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End of the Berkshires – I

Hawley Town Office – 2:10 PM

  • Small building on a dead-end road. Great view to the north, across the valley. Used to be the town’s one-room school-house.. A lady and her 2 girls are shucking peas in the shade of the building.

Savoy Town Hall – 2:50 PM

  • Another school-house. Police car in the front, with the officer watching all the traffic going from a nearby detour.

Windsor Town Office – 3:15 PM

  • Small white clapboard town hall and library. Friendly labrador retriever barking across the road in front of the general store.

Commington Community House – 4:00 PM

  • Two story brick Georgian reproduction, built-in 1923. Slate roof. The Main Street is off of RT-9 and quiet.

Goshen Town Offices – 4:20 PM

  • unusually tall cupola.
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Pioneer Valley

Deerfield Municipal Offices – 3:30 PM

  • The town hall and police department are sharing the same building, which looks like it was a fairly new school.
  • The small town park gets points for a working fountain.

Whatley Town Hall – 4:00 PM

  • Very old building in very poor condition. Lots of peeling paint.
  • Town claims to have one of the prettiest main streets and I have to agree with them.
  • Well hidden behind the town hall is an amazing view of the Connecticut river valley.

Hatfield Town Office – 4:30 PM

  • Two story brick building from 1930.
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The South-East is done

Mattapoisett Town Hall – 11:30 AM

  • Built in 1898, well worn sun bleached shingles. Has 3 porthole sized windows with a Cape themed painting in each. This is a distinctive town hall.

Marion Town House – 12: 10 PM

  • This unexpectedly imposing 1876  building may have the most intact detailing of its era. It looks like a long overdue renovation has just started. Even the gazebo trim retains the same style. The only negative is the original entrance is now blocked by shrubs and there are 3 sets of ugly handicapped ramps, when only one seems necessary.

Dennis Town Offices – 3:20 PM

  • I missed this town hall when I did the rest of Cape Cod in 2008.

Halifax Town Hall – 5:28 PM

  • A 1907 Greek revival with huge columns in a 2-level portico. It’s matched by another white annex that runs off at a 90′ angle. Next door is a 1733 Congregational church that’s still active.
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Rochester Town Hall – 6:15 PM

  • Built in 1892 in the Art & Crafts shingle style. Sited on a quiet half-circle shaped town common with 4 buildings facing the common; the current town hall, the old Greek revival town hall, a church and the town library.
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