Connecticut Valley-2

Chicopee City Hall – 11:00 AM

  • Built in 1872 of granite, brick sandstone and limestone. 147 foot bell tower hanging off the side of the main building. From the city website:

In 1869, the City of Chicopee purchased from the Ames Manufacturing Company, land on which to build a City Hall. The architectural design was done by Charles Edward Parker of Boston and has many similarities to the design of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy after which it was intentionally patterned. He is also reputed to have designed the Town Hall in Easthampton, Massachusetts. The work on Old City Hall began in early 1871. Bricks used in construction were made and furnished by Charles McClallan. The metal railings, hinges, fittings and the eagle weathervane used on the building were all cast at the Ames Manufacturing Co. famous for Ames Swords used during the Civil War. The original semi-circular steps at the front have been replaced. At the top of the steps in the spacious recessed entrance, memorial tablets of Chicopee’s Civil War dead stand at each end. The building was completed in 1871 and dedicated on December 21, 1871.

The two-story brick building, sitting on a high granite basement, dominates Market Square where four streets converge for crossing the Chicopee River and Dwight Mills Canal. The building originally had rows of chimneys along the two long eaves of the Ridge-Type roof above the exterior walls and between the main window bays, but they were removed at a later date when central heating was installed and the building was re-roofed. The gable-ended front façade exposes beautiful detailing of pilasters and dentil work done in brick as well as a large stained glass rose window and a three-arched entrance portico whose columns are topped by capitals, no two of which are alike.

One of the great distinguishing features of the Chicopee City Hall is its 147 foot tower, patterned after that of the Palazzo Vecchio. Atop the tower, there is a gold eagle spreading its wings 7 feet from tip to tip and weighing 54 pounds. In the tower hangs a bell that was used on public occasions and as a fire alarm. The tower also houses a clock facing out on three sides, which was installed later in 1888. The clock is made up of wooden parts still in working condition.”

Holyoke City Hall – 11:28 AM

  • Towering granite romanesque. High Street looks bombed out. Many empty lots downtown.

Granby Town Hall – 12:40 PM

  • Is named “Kellog Hall” and is in very poor condition. Peeling white-painted shingles. There is a large town common.
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