The South-East is done

Mattapoisett Town Hall – 11:30 AM

  • Built in 1898, well worn sun bleached shingles. Has 3 porthole sized windows with a Cape themed painting in each. This is a distinctive town hall.

Marion Town House – 12: 10 PM

  • This unexpectedly imposing 1876  building may have the most intact detailing of its era. It looks like a long overdue renovation has just started. Even the gazebo trim retains the same style. The only negative is the original entrance is now blocked by shrubs and there are 3 sets of ugly handicapped ramps, when only one seems necessary.

Dennis Town Offices – 3:20 PM

  • I missed this town hall when I did the rest of Cape Cod in 2008.

Halifax Town Hall – 5:28 PM

  • A 1907 Greek revival with huge columns in a 2-level portico. It’s matched by another white annex that runs off at a 90′ angle. Next door is a 1733 Congregational church that’s still active.
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