Memorial Day

Dighton Town Hall – 1:15 PM

  • Hot, humid Memorial Day. The town hall is fairly new brick building, with the landscaping in excellent condition; perfect lawn, shrubs and cut-stone walls.
  • The only activities are trucks arriving with the carnival rides for next weekend’s Cowchip Fest.

Swansea Town Office – 2:00 PM

  • This is a completely unique town hall. Kind of Crafts style meets old Tyrol.
  • A mix of river and cut-stones make up the walls. Brick and red sandstone trim. The entire roof is slate. The turret and clock tower are brick and slate. Thew clock face is peeling wood and one hand is missing. The whole building has small scattered patches of ivy, that may not have been planned. There is an active bee hive inside the barrel of the civil war cannon.

Attleborough City Hall – 3:03 PM

  • Modern brick office building. The glassed in cupola becomes the interior atrium in the lower floors.

Norton Town Hall – 3:41 PM

  • The older part of the town hall has been covered up in yellow stucco. Grafted onto it is the new multicolored brick annex. The annex acts as the bridge to the fire station.
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