Southeast Mass

Seekonk Town Offices – 1:55 PM

– Set in a municipal campus, with police, fire, town hall and animal control at the end of a cul-de-sac. Lots of well-kept landscaping, but might have the ugliest streetlights in the state! Looks like something from ‘War of the Worlds’, but worse.

– The town hall has concrete stuccoed panels on the walls and asphalt shingles.

Rehoboth Town Offices – 2:40 PM

-Rehoboth flat-out wins the adaptive reuse award, with a town hall that is an abandoned 1950’s Nike missile site. The missile silos are the town skate board park, the site launch command building is the town hall, the rocket refueling building is the animal control shelter and building #3 is the press box at the recreation field. Although clever, all these buildings are in poor condition.

Taunton City Hall – 3:30 PM

– The city hall is closed for renovations. The various offices are relocated to 3 other locations.

-3 story granite building, more modest than you would expect for a city of Taunton’s size. It isn’t located in the city square, but a 1/2 mile away.

Plympton Town House – 4:30 PM

– Originaly was the town central school (1934). It is now the town hall and police station. The fire department and town library are in the same site.

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