Rail Trails

Montgomery Town Office – 2:00 PM

– Quiet hill town, 1000′ above sea level. Original 1849 Union Hall, with attached annex for the offices and library. The community church and DPW stables are across the road.

Southampton Town Hall – 2:40 PM

– There seems to be two town halls in town. The 100 year old brick building that the road signs and maps direct you to. But a block away is a much newer and larger building with “Southhampton Town Hall” on the front. The newer building is being gutted out  in a complete overhall. Not sure if it’s slated to be the next town hall, or a senior center.

Easthampton Municpal Building – 3:30 PM

– 2 story brick and glass building, close to the Manhan Rail Trail.

Northampton Town Hall – 5:00 PM

– This is one ugly building, an opinion shared by many residents, even back in the 1850’s when it was built. Sandstone foundation and cement stucco sides.

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