SE Mass

Abington Town Offices – 1:45 PM

– Hot, dry, breezless day.

-Abington has carved out a big municipal campus at the end of a cul-de-sac. The town hall and the library are side by side and probably built at the same time. The town hall is brick with tan limestone? panels on the second floor.

Whitman Town Hall – 2:20 PM

– The entire town hall is covered in scaffolding and is in a major renovation. Only thing missing is the requisite 10 foot billboard proclaiming the commonwealth’s generosity. Must have been an oversite.

– The most prominent memorial on the shaded front lawn is a bronze bas-relief of Cardinal  Francis Spellman. Across the street is an old commercial building with “Spellman Block” on the capstone. So there must be a connection.

Hanson Town Hall – 3:00 PM

– An old wood romanesque in grey-blue, with white trim. It has a 1999 addition in the same style and colors. But the 11 year old white paint is peeling off faster than the original building, which draws attention to its self.

– Situated on a point of land that thrusts into Wampatuck Pond. Must be the only town hall with its own boat ramp! I count 3 kids fishing off the back lawn.

East Bridgewater Town Offices – 3:30 PM

– 3 interconnected buildings, all in the same style. Light grey clapboards with rust and green trim.

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