Connecticut River

Westfield City Hall – 1:20 PM

The city hall was relocated in the 1950’s, to the State Normal School that was built in 1892. It’s Romanesque style, red brick and brownstone, 4 story building. Slate roof. Wide variety of carved ornaments, including faces, flowers, vines and 2 well hidden owls! It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

-Looks like the city did a fair amount of renovations when they moved in, but have fallen behind recently. Little things like residential air conditioners, hanging off of plywood sheets, nailed underneath windows.

Southwick Town Offices – 2:40 PM

-Located in the renovated 1928 school. It’s in a municipal art deco style, with beige and brown brick and molded cement detailing on the front facade.

-Very good landscaping, with a variety of flowering shrubs.

Granville Town Offices – 3:14 PM

-Located in the Granville Center National Historical District. It’s difficult to tell how old this building is. The original center section might be as old as 1840’s in Greek Revival. There is a white Queen Anne residence next to the town hall that is definitely 1850’s.

Tolland Town Hall – 3:30 PM

-This building is brand new. There’s still nursery tags on the shrubs. Construction has just started on a public safety building across the street.

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