Russell Town Offices – 4:15 PM

-Quiet town, with a very different town hall. It’s a 3 story old English wood & stucco style. There are what looks like garage doors of the left and right sides of the building. The left door has been boarded up and turned into the police station entrance. The right door is now glazed and is the senior center.

-The war memorial is also unusual. It’s a white marble slab across the street, with a bronze plaque. But the list of WWI and WWII veterans is behind a small bronze door. No key, no see.

Otis Town Hall – 5:20 PM

-Today is the 200th anniversary of the founding of Otis. I’m trying to find the town hall and keep bumping into moving road blocks, families sitting on the curbs and clusters of amateur photographers with their foot-long SLRs. One lady sees me make my 3rd U-turn and thinks I’m the Town Crier trying to find the start of the parade.

-Finally pull into the town hall lot, the location of the town picnic in 30 minutes. The town hall looks like a former 1950’s elementary school.

Tyringham Town Hall – 6:10 PM

-Very old Greek Revival Town Hall with lots of additions over the years. The town library and post office share their own cobble stone building next door. The quaint New England soundtrack is supplied by the bubbling brook behind the library.

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