More Mid-State

Oxford Town Hall – 2:15 PM

-1882 Brick Romanesque. Has what looks like a small shiny wind powered sculpture on the side of the cupola. Might be an antenna or bird scare crow.

-An impressive amount of well camouflaged Greek revival architecture in the center of town.

Dudley Municipal Complex – 2:45 PM

-One of the best re-use of an old school building I’ve seen so far. Large brick pavilions were grafted on to the corners of the school. Each has 12 foot circular objects on its walls. Some are windows, some solid decorations. They look original to the school, because the merger is so well done.

Southbridge Town Hall – 3:27 PM

-Built 1888 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The ornamentation is dark sandstone and over the top, in a good way. It all comes together in the oval clock tower, with its spiraling slit windows, 6 layer slate awning, terracotta trim, brick marquetry and a clock face in carved sandstone. It’s so intricate, I couldn’t tell if the clock hands were missing. (they are)

Charlton Town Offices – 4:40 PM

-Located in the old high school, with the senior center in the back. It looks like the current library is the old town hall. It’s a very big building, with its own addition in the back.

-Four field baseball–softball complex behind the library. Every field is being used, this late Sunday afternoon.

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