Petersham – 3:30 PM

-Back in Petersham to take better pictures. Warmest day of the year, at 70′.

-The old town hall renovation is now finished, with new paint and the 2009 cupola now gilded.

-WWI memorial plaque is marble. Many of the names have eroded away.

-The Country Store was never closed, but is under new management.

New Braintree – 4:10 PM

-The town offices, police, elementary school and town library are in a cluster of new buildings, about a ½ mile down the hill from the town center. New Braintree is a classic Massachusetts hill town, with a mile of open fields in every direction.

North Brookfield – 5:00 PM

-The town center is a much larger than I expected, with five 2-3 story commercial buildings. But downtown is in poor shape, with ½ the store fronts empty.

-The 1893 town hall is huge, 4 stories tall and abandoned. It looks like the staff left in a rush. Broken furniture, torn posters on the walls, office supplies scattered across the floors.

-The current town office is in a leased store front, 3 doors down from the old town hall. Pretty nice space, although this is the only town office I’ve ever seen, that has apartments for rent on the 2nd floor!

-But it could be worse. You could be the police department, which rents its space in the basement of a 2-residence duplex down the street.

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