Whaling City

Dartmouth Town Hall – 10:28 AM

-Warmest day of 2010, at 70′.

-3 story brick, former school building.

-Unusual black granite war & peace memorial, dedicated in 1997.

New Bedford City Hall – 10:45 AM

-Impressive brick and red sandstone city hall. Nautical themed bas-relief at the top. Probably the best carvings on any Massachusetts city hall.

-I haven’t been in New Bedford in 15 years. Most noticeable change is how much bigger the fishing industry gotten. Lots of new trawlers and warehouses.

Fairhaven Town Hall – 11:14 AM

-Best town hall I’ve seen in months. 1893 Romanesque? This has got mosaic floors on its front entrance and wrought iron art & crafts style lanterns on the walls.

-The trailhead of the Phoenix Rail Trail is 2 blocks away.

Acushnet Town Hall – 12:05 AM

-Another unique town hall. The first floor is fieldstones, the second floor is limestone blocks.

-Large crowd of sign holders, in support of candidate for selectman. They think I’m there to cover his event.

Freetown Town Offices – 1:00 PM

-White shingled building. Looks like the original town hall is next door and very dilapidated.

-Many Greek Revival homes in the neighborhood, surrounding the small town common, that has a small creek down one side. Old stone bridge lets one side of the town cross over to the east. A few weeks later, this bridge was damaged by the big 2010 April floods and had to be closed.

Berkley Town Hall – 1:55 PM

-Dark red brick, probably an old school. There are 2 capstones on the roof, inscribed 1926 and 1939.

Somerset Town Offices – 2:20 PM

-Large group of teenagers playing basketball at the courts across the street.

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