South Shore

Plymouth Town Offices – 2:30 PM
-2 story brick town hall, outside of downtown, in a residential neighborhood. Two large, old oak trees in the front lawn.

Kingston Town House – 3:25 PM
-New building that was built in 2003. Has an amazing brass 3-masted clipper ship weather vane on top.

Duxbury Town Hall – 4:00 PM
-Current town hall is in Greek revival sty;e, built right next to what looks like the original town hall. They are almost identical, except for the foundation in cement and granite blocks, respectively.

Marshfield Town Hall – 4:27 PM
-A one-of-a-kind town hall that looks like the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Pembroke Town Offices – 5:00 PM
-The town hall’s only extra feature is the town pound, which are vine covered field stone walls in the front lawn. The war memorials are across the street at the First Church of Pembroke.

Hanover Town Hall – 5:28 PM
-1863 town hall, Italianate style. -Located at a very stressed out intersection. Impatient drivers honking at the stop signs, cars speeding down Main street. To top it off, the sprinkler heads surrounding the Civil War memorial have fired off, blowing backlit water across the cars stuck at the lights.

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