Connecticut Valley

Montague Town Hall – 3:15 PM
-Located in the village of Turners Falls, which most people assume is the name of the town.

-A tall brick building, it has a bronze & glass awning over the front dorr. Lion heads hold the chains that brace the awning.

Sunderland Town Offices – 3:55 PM
-In the 1922 school building.

-Has an impressive war memorial in red granite. First veterans memorial I’ve seen that not only lists the revolutionary war vets, but the French & Indian War too!

-The only thing that mars the town common’s lawn, is the location of the new solar panel that powers the flag pole lights. It’s right in the middle of the lawn, when the roofs of the town hall and town library are few feet away and better positioned. I wonder if the town knew what an eyesore they were getting, when they accepted the gift from the local electrical union, with its ‘free’ dedication plaque.

Leverett Town Hall – 5:00 PM
-1845 White Greek Revival style.

-A hand painted map of the town is attached to the front wall of the building. Only one I’ve seen like it.

-Very quiet part of town and little car traffic.

Shutesbury Town Hall – 5:30 PM
-The town center is hundreds of feet higher than the Connecticut river, with some commanding views.

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