Route 9

Leicester Town Hall – 2:25 PM

-Built in 1939, attached to a former school.

-The town common is very large.

-The elaborate band stand has everything you’d ever want; brick foundation, wrought iron railings, Doric columns, double-pitched roof and 16 electrical sockets. Years of decorative light strings are strung up, down and across every possible railing, eave and post. It should be easy to calculate the load on the local grid, since the band stand has its own power panel, complete with N-Star amp-meter and circuit breakers.

Spencer Town Hall – 3:20 PM

-This is town hall #200. Only 151 left to go!

-Large brick town hall, built in 1929. Lotsof peeling paint on the wood trim. Both the town hall and the abandoned fire station in the back lot have intact bronze belles in their cupolas.

East Brookfield Town Offices – 4:09 PM

-This looks like a fairly new school building that is now the town office, public library and police station, each with its own entrance.

Brookfield Town Hall – 4:30 PM

-Built in 1904, after the original town hall burned down in 1902. It is on the National Historic Register.

West Brookfield – 4:40 PM
-Finally, a working town fountain! The triangular town common is huge, with the 20 foot tall Wood Memorial Fountain in the center. It’s in horrible condition, with the various maidens corroded and pulling away from the base. But what a fountain! The top maiden’s urn is spilling water into the first pool. Then the lions head spouts, empty that pool into the middle pool. More lions spit into the bottom pool, completing the cycle. George M. Rice gave the fountain to the town, in memory of his parents in 1886. In 1938 the “Lady Atop the Fountain” was destroyed in a hurricane and was restored in 1985 by J. Irving England.

– After the fountain, the Town Hall is anticlimactic. Fairly good condition wood structure, Italianate, built in 1859. In the past, it has been the Post Office, the Library, a General Store, Insurance Agency, and Catholic Church. The cupola was restored in 1994 and the building renovated in 1997.

Warren Municipal Building – 5:20 PM
-Former school outside of downtown. Very isolated. The top sash of every window has been blocked off by tan colored foam panels, to save on heating. Very clever, but it looks like hell.

Wales Town Hall – 6:14 PM
-Finally get back to the Town Hall, months after my first try at finding it. It’s a nice place on a side road. Wales only police car keeps driving by as I’m walking around looking for a good angle.

-Elaborate town fountain on RT-19, not working. But it has an unusual clear glass globe on the top, that’s etched with distances to Stafford Springs, Warren and Brimfield. With the fountain working and the globe illuminated, it must have been an interesting sight at night.

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