Needham Town Hall – 2:20 PM

-Built 1902 in a neo-Georgian style. Overall, the brick building is in good shape, except for the crumbling cupola. The clock faces look like black eye sockets, with most of the numerals and clock hands missing.

-The town common is impressive, with several modern sculptures. A family of 4 is setting up a private lemonade stand, with the children set up in diagonal corners and the parents manning the ice chest in the middle.

Dedham Town Offices – 3:00 PM

-A modern, flat-roofed brick building, on a side street off of downtown. Not much to distinguish it, except for th large 3-foot gilded town seal on the front of the glass atrium. It looks like they were planning to copy the same seal on the back of the building, aligned exactly with the axis of the front seal. But they must have had second thoughts, as the round cutout has been plastered up.

Canton Memorial Hall – 4:15 PM

-Overall, this is a very good building, 1878 red brick with black brick trims and a slate roof. Some of the windows have dark green stained glass borders. But the roof is a disappointment. The clock is set in an eave and looks like a latter addition, with an out of scale clock face and a mismatched color. The wind vane on top is also out of scale, but too small.

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