Blackstone Valley

Hopedale Town Hall – 3:50 PM
-This is no cookie cutter town hall. There are 3 large doorways in front. The left arch is the town tax collector. The right is the town clerk and the center is the private “The Town Common” coffee shop!
-The building is granite blocks with red sandstone trim. The carved sandstone decorations could out do an Italian cathedral. I believe the foot high carved initials “CD” stand for Charles Draper, the owner of the huge Draper mill that dominates the town. Everything in the town center has got the Draper name on it.
-The best marble fountain so far, at the town library. As expected, it isn’t working. Its called the Statue of Hope and was a gift from Susan P. Draper to the Town. The statue was sculpted by the American sculptor Waldo Story in Rome of Carrara marble.

Mendon Town Hall – 4:40 PM
-Built 1844. Being restored with a 2009 state grant. Looks like the repainting step is done.

Blackstone Town Offices – 5:25 PM
-A modern building on a side street.
-Blackstone is a hard town to navigate. Any wrong turn and you have crossed over into Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Millville Town Hall – 5:35 PM
-In an old school, on the national historic register. Something called the “Udon Tower” is located on the front lawn. I guess it was a windmill.
-Well hidden in the back lot is an abandoned RR track. Which explains the RR style house in back.

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