Petersham Town Offices – 2:35 PM
-Perfect town common, with a bandstand, church, original town hall and the current town office. The old town hall is being repainted, with just a little of the cupola unfinished.
-The bandstand has a well hidden handicapped lift.

-The famous Petersham Country Store is slated to close in 2 weeks, as no buyer was found.

4/3/2010 update: The Country Store never closed. The cupula of the old town hall has been gilded, the last part of the restoration project.

Hardwick Town Offices – 3:30 PM
-Hardwick Common has the original town hall, one of the two public libraries, an old church and the Hardwick Country Store. It is doing better than the Petersham Country Store, with all the tables occupied on the porch. The closing of the Petersham Country Store is the prime topic of conversation here. One customer is trying to tell the store owner that she should form a committee to buy and lease the P. Store. She isn’t having any of it.
-The town common has a very nice all marble fountain, which looks like it hasn’t been running in years.
-The town offices are in the mill village of Gilbertville, many miles from the town common.

Ware Town Hall – 4:20 PM

Designed by the Boston firm Hartwell and Richardson

New Salem Town Office – 5:10 AM
-Let’s call this the distributed town hall, with offices in several of the old 19th century meetings houses, running up and down the quiet Main Street. The main town office is a dull grey cinderblock building, the least interesting of all the town offices on Main Street.

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