Blackstone Valley

Milbury Town Hall – 1:35 PM
Bi-level building; town offices on the front, police department in the lower level in the back.

Small town common slopes down the hill to the main street. Has a 1993 band stand and a WWI era memorial cannon.

Sutton Town Offices – 2:03 PM
The town hall, police department, fire department and library have been grafted together with extensions over the years.

Very complete town common, with a 1998 band stand, lots of park benches and memorials. The band stand must have been built from the same plans as the Milbury one. The sky blue ceiling with inset spot lights is an exact match to Milbury. But the band stand has its unique feature, a wood and copper cupola, complete with lantern.

Northbridge Town Hall – 3:15 PM

Located in the mill village of Whitinsville, a Blackstone Valley style of mill complex. Much older than the Merrimac River style of mill. Less brick, more granite.

Took lots of pictures of a construction crew rebuilding the hydro-electric plant at the dam. A thunderstorm sends everyone scurrying.

Uxbridge Town Hall – 4:00PM
This hall is the definition of ‘hulking’. Dart soot-stained red an black brick. The front door looks like it belongs in a police station. The upper meeting hall has an abandoned look to it.

After taking the picture, I walk across the street to get a bite at a pizza shop. The big flat screen TV is playing the live coverage of Gov. Sarah Palin’s resignation speech. Nobody in pizza shops actually listen to CNN. But everyone in the store is riveted to this. I don’t think Pizza parlors are CNN’s target audience, but they are today.

Douglas Town Offices – 4:59 PM
Was the town’s high school. May still be an active school in part of the building.

Webster Town Hall – 5:50 PM
This is a very large set of buildings. The 2-story town hall is the front building. The meeting hall is the connecting building from the town hall to the 5-story middle school that is in back.

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