Lanesborough Town Hall – 10:50 AM

Lenox Town Hall – 11:29 AM
Although this is a brick building, parts of the foundation are marble.

Lee Town Hall – 11:45 AM
Built 1873

There are 4 bronze colored owl statues in odd corners of the building. Don’t look like they are original to the building.

In the town common that’s beside the hall, is a small marble fountain by Daniel Chester French. It didn’t look like it worked any more.

Stockbridge Town Offices – 12:10 PM

Great Barrington Town Hall – 1:24 PM

Mount Washington Town Hall – 2:43 PM
This has got to be the most forlorn town hall in the state. In the middle of a forest, the first town hall on a dirt road and not a house in site. Access to the hall for town business seems to be appointment only. With only 130 residents, Mount Washington has no fire department, no schools, no police and no stores.

Blandford Town Offices – 4:21 PM

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