North Shore

Saugus Town Hall – 2:05 PM
Built 1875, renovated by the WPA 1938-1939, last restoration in 1998.

Wood Italianate, with hints of Arts & Crafts in the very elaborate wood trim. All the veterans’ memorials are imposing. The Civil War pedestal and statue must be 25 feet high. The WWI memorial is all varnished wood. The rooftop spires are an exaggerated high, thin and spindly.

Lynn City Hall – 2:30 PM
Granite and concrete 1930’s style.

Nahant Town Hall – 3:00 PM
Pretty limestone and pale brick, slate roof.

Swampscott Town Hall – 4:10 PM
Thompson House is on the national historic register. It was built in 1889 and is a Georgian Revival mansion originally built for Elihu Thomson, the cofounder of General Electric. It became the town office after he died in 1937.

Marblehead Town Hall – 5:55 PM
Named “Abbot Hall”. Spring showers while I’m lining up the shots.

The strongest impression of the place is height. The brick building towers over Washington Square, that surrounds it. The top of the bell tower is 200 feet above the sidewalk.

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