Upper Connecticut River

Northfield Town Hall – 2:25 PM
2 story brick, built 1927.

Lots of Greek revival style homes on the main street. The neighborhood is on the National Historic Register.

Ate a cheeseburger at the Notch Restaurant next door to the town hall. It then snows for 10 minutes, which was worth 60 minutes of discussions from the patrons.

Gill Town Hall – 3:30 PM
Nice town common, but the holiday lights are still up on the town tree. The spotlight for the flagpole is powered by a new solar panel installation donated by a local electrical union. This turned out to be the first of 3 identical installations that I came across in western Massachusetts.

Clever slogan on the First Congregational Church of Gill. (took a picture)

Across the street is the ‘Slate Memorial Library’, built in 1921 out of grey cinderblocks.

Next door is the Gill Store. So windy that the ‘OPEN’ sign is banging off the front door, OPEN-CLOSED-OPEN-CLOSED. I’m not sure which will happen first, the store shuts down for the day, or the sign blows off the building.

Bernardston Town Hall – 4:20 PM
Built 1878, sort of an Arts & Crafts style. Unusual 2-tiered cupola. Needs paint Church across the street looks like the Leaning Tower of Pizza. The steeple is leaning towards the front of the street at least 1 degree.

Leyden Town Hall – 5:12 PM
Very hard to reach hill town, with a commanding view in several directions. Tiny library next door. May be 12 x 20 feet? The town hall has a big spotlight over the front door. First town hall I’ve seen with a “on vacation next 2 weeks” sign in the front door.

Greenfield Town Hall – 5:38 PM

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