8 towns in one hot day

Acton – 12:00 PM

-Back to Acton to get better shots. Outside the Acton Library is a teenager with a laptop, sitting in the garden using the library’s wi-fi connection. Never had noticed how nice that garden is.

-Random questions: I wonder which town has the newest building? How many towns keep their ceremonial front door locked and make visitors use a side door?

Littleton Town Office – 12:30 PM

-Not on a main street. Looks like a former school has been recycled as the town office, town library and council on aging office. Most non-descript building so far. Littleton has no real downtown, but a series of villages.

Groton Town Hall – 1:00 PM

-Built 1859. Very nice landscaping. Extra detailing on the brickwork. Has a very good example of an ‘oculus’ window at the peak. I think those are Corinthian columns.

Pepperell – 1:30 PM

-The Nashua River Rail Trail Parking lot is full downtown. But the town hall is nowhere near downtown. The wood siding is gray and needs paint. Building style is Italianate?

Townsend – 1:51 PM

-Shingle style. Recently painted and in great condition. I spoke here years ago.

– Three buildings on the municipal ‘campus’. The ‘Townsend Memorial Hall’, the Hart Memorial Library (so vine covered it looks abandoned) and the former Fire Department headquarters, which used to be a bank (night deposit drop in the front). Bank vault doors are visible through the windows.

– See an ATV obsessed family in town. One acre house lot, at least 2 ATV’s in the front yard. A boy about 10 has just driven his ATV 100′ to the mailbox and then back with the mail.

Ashby Town Hall – 2:30 PM

-Town common is being cut by an attractive young lady on a riding mower. Her bright yellow top matches the yellow radio-phones she’s wearing. I wonder what music goes with cutting grass?

-The Lyman Building Town Offices is in an old school. Peeling white siding. The police station is in double-wide trailer in back of the school. The entire municipal campus is a sea of asphalt. The town common that’s getting its grass cut is much nicer, but almost a mile away. Back at the school building, Goth-look teenagers are sitting under a tree in the heat, waiting for their ride.

– Back on the town common to take some pictures of memorials that I missed in 2008.  Just 4 days before, a 158 year old ash tree was taken down. That warranted a picture!

updated 7/13/2013.

Ashburnham – 3:30 PM

-The town hall is a 1865 brick building. The name on the front of the building is “Jacob H. Fairbanks Memorial Hall – MDCCCLXV”.

-A very good bronze Union soldier statue is on the lawn in front of the hall. The inscription is “Aubry Bros Foundry NY 1904, Theo A. Kiltson – Sculpture 1904”. Haven’t seen this particular model before.

Fitchburg City Hall – 4:30 PM

-The downtown is empty, with no foot traffic.

Lunenburg – 4:46 PM

– The cupola has radio antennas on each corner.

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